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Welcome to the official registration page of La Femme Worldwide! Registration done through online will first be reviewed, and delegate that has registered through online registration should expect a response from La Femme Worldwide within 3 working days. If you have any queries regarding registrations, you can leave us an email at; Please read through <Rules, Terms and Conditions> before submitting your entry. Hurry up we have limited entries!

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Kindly pay the registration fees of 50 US Dollars in the below account & share the payment receipt on email. Account details :

Bank Name – HDFC Bank

Name – Avyukta Media

Account Number – 50200034638099

IFS Code – HDFC0000007
Branch – Bhandarkar road, Pune, India.

  1. The applicant must agree to abide by all rules, as changed from time to time by the Organisers.
  2. For Miss La Femme Worldwide, applicant should be between <18 – 30> years of age as of March 2020. The applicant should not / have not been married and never been through any ceremony directly or indirectly, either valid or invalid, whether civil, religious or tribal which is recognized as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world and should never have had a marriage annulled or never have had a child nor been a parent.
  3. For Mrs. La Femme Worldwide, applicant should be between <18 – 50> years of age as of March 2020. Applicant must be married legally with kids or no kids. Need to provide legal marriage document at the time of pageant.
  4. For Mr. La Homme Worldwide, applicant should be between <18 – 40> years of age as of March 2020. Applicant must be Single / Married.
  5. The applicant will be required to produce their age proof (Passport for International Delegate, birth certificate, driver's license, Aadhaar, Voters card for Indian Nationals etc).
  6. The applicant should be a natural born female.
  7. The Organisers are not responsible for any delays or non-receipt of applications on any account and for any reason whatsoever.
  8. The applicant will have to participate in a disciplined and diligent manner throughout as per schedule given.
  9. All applications at every level serve as a legal binding contract for the contestant. Upon submitting an application, a contestant agrees to the financial obligations of competing at all levels. NO refunds will be offered.
  10. The Organisers are not responsible if the sponsors do not make good the prizes promised by them.
  11. The Organisers are not responsible for any loss or physical injury that occurs to the applicant on account of their participation in the event. The applicant will participate at his own risk and can have no claim against organisers.
  12. Incorrect information will result in disqualification, whether discovered prior to, during or after participation.
  13. The decision of the judges is final in all cases.
  14. Only persons of good health, sound mind and having no medical history of any mental illness and having a good moral character can participate made herein.
  15. Only the applicant will be allowed inside the designated venue of the preliminaries.
  16. The schedule of events and qualification rounds are subject to change at the discretion of the Organiser.
  17. The Organisers are not responsible for non-completion / non-occurrence of the event.
  18. In the event of any dispute, the Organisers decisions are final and binding on the applicant.
  19. The schedule of events and qualification rounds are subject to change at the discretion of the organisers.
  20. The courts of Pune have the jurisdiction over all disputes.
  21. The organisers have all the right to cancel, reschedule, postpone, and amend the show.
For further information / clarifications, contact us on 9850788777/9975152454